AAC Webinars Now Available!

Please check out the newly posted communication webinars our friends in South Dakota developed!  This past school year, Keystone (now ACERI Partners) facilitated an Augmentative and Alternative Communication workgroup in South Dakota.  The members of that workgroup developed and conducted four webinars that focused on communication systems for students who need intervention to develop a consistent and reliable way Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.59.47 PMto let us know what they know.  The first of these posted webinars shows examples of pre-symbolic and symbolic communication, how to increase participation in communicative situations, and some intervention ideas.   The second webinar looks at using AAC in the classroom.  The information in these webinars should be easily generalizable to use in inclusive classrooms and is essential to consider as students move to communicating about grade-level academic content.  The third and fourth webinars are scheduled to be posted in the future so please check back to see those. (They will be posted on our new Resources Regarding Communication page). Thanks to our South Dakota AAC Workgroup for these informative webinars!  They are a terrific resource for those of us working with  students as they increase their communication abilities.