ACERI Partners, LLC was founded in July 2009 and operated as Keystone Assessment, LLC. Keystone separated itself from other assessment vendors by specializing in alternate assessments and standards-based instruction for students with intellectual disabilities and those participating in alternate assessments.

In the fall of 2015, we relaunched our company as ACERI to better reflect the range of services we have provided over the years. ACERI is made up of the the first letter of the five services our company provides, Assessment, Curriculum, Evaluation, Research, and Instruction. We include “Partners” in our name because we work collaboratively with our clients to provide customized guidance and support to meet specific outcomes.

Individually and collectively, ACERI staff members have a vast repertoire of expertise and skills. Staff members are experienced educators who have taught general and special education pre-K through  high school and transition-aged. Many of us regularly teach university courses, written and managed federal grants and contracts, conducted program evaluations and are familiar with all aspects of the alternate assessment. All ACERI staff members are talented trainers who use evidence-based facilitation techniques to engage and empower the adult learners with whom we work.

Whether it’s online or in person, ACERI is committed to providing practiced-based educational consulting services in special education for students with intellectual disabilities, autism and need extensive learning supports.