Jessica McCord, Ph.D., Educational Consultant

jessica2 (3)Dr. Jessica McCord is an educational consultant at ACERI Partner, LLC. She is a dual-certified teacher, holding licenses in K-8 Elementary Education and PK-12 Special Education, and she worked as a classroom teacher in a variety of roles. She has worked with pre-service teachers for many years at the University of New Mexico, teaching courses designed to prepare them to provide universally designed, differentiated instruction in inclusive settings, as well as courses on assessment and literacy methods. She received her PhD from UNM and her specializations are in the fields of educational leadership and literacy. She has published theoretical and practical work in these areas, focusing on high quality education for students with complex instructional needs. She has given many presentations for national conferences such as TASH, Southwest Disability Conference, and the National Network for Education Renewal (NNER) on topics ranging from creating accessible learning opportunities to the importance of inclusive vision in educational leadership. She has served as a reviewer of submissions to the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in the areas of Teacher and Teacher Education with a focus on diversity and inclusion, as well as philosophical studies in education.