Mike Burdge, Sp.Ed., Educational Consultant

Mike was a teacher for 25 years, beginning his career at a school for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Over time, he was able to initiate inclusionary programs in several public schools across the country. He was awarded the Stella A. Edwards Teacher of the Year award in 1996, and the Ashland Oil Teacher Achievement award in 1997. Mike was an adjunct professor of special education at the University of Cincinnati and the College of Mount Saint Joseph. He serves on expert panels for several states, and has played key roles in a number of Enhanced Assessment Grants. He is a regular presenter at conferences hosted by CCSSO, CEC, NCEO, TASH, and various OSEP-funded Regional Resource Centers, and has been a contributing author to several texts, including Alternate Assessment: Measuring Outcomes and Supports for Students with Disabilities (Kleinert & Kearns, 2001), Mental Retardation and Intellectual Disabilities: Teaching Students Using Innovative and Research-based Strategies (Wehmeyer & M. Agran, 2005), Teaching Language Arts, Math, & Science to Students with Significant Disabilities (Browder & Spooner, 2006) and Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (Kleinert & Kearns, 2010). Mike also worked as a Technical Assistance Specialist for ILSSA and NAAC (The National Alternate Assessment Center), where he assisted 13 states, 4 territories, and 3 freely associated states with their alternate assessment needs, curriculum, and teaching practice.