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Alson Cole

New Mini Workshop Video is Now Available – And It’s FREE!

Our first Mini Workshop video since changing our name from Keystone to ACERI is now available. This video pertains to a self-evaluation tool regarding inclusive practices. It was developed by ACERI’s Mike Burdge and one of our long-time “partners,” Jean Clayton, who now works for edCount, LLC. Mike narrates the …

Preliminary Research Findings Shared Regarding Learning Opportunities for Adults

[Photo] TASH National Conference, Portland, OR: Dr. Jessica McCord shares preliminary findings about a collaborative research project done in partnership with colleagues at the University of New Mexico; their study on literacy learning opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in community settings should be published in 2016-2017

Dr. Taub to Serve as UDL Taskforce Co-Chair

Congratulations to ACERI Partners’ Dr. Debbie Taub on being elected the new co-chair for the National UDL Taskforce. We look forward to more efforts to make Universal Design for Learning a given for all students! 

The First Step Toward a UDL Classroom Is…

ACERI Partners’ Dr. Debbie Taub is the author of this insightful guest post on the Brookes Publishing Company blog The Inclusion Lab. Read what she has to say about changing the way we think about barriers.   

Dr. McCord to Serve as Vice President/President-Elect of Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math

ACERI Partners’ Dr. Jessica McCord has been elected as vice-president/president-elect of New Mexico’s Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education (CESE; ). CESE is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is comprised of interested citizens including scientists, engineers, educators, university faculty, members of the clergy, parents, and community business leaders. Founded in 1997 …

AAC Webinars Now Available!

Please check out the newly posted communication webinars our friends in South Dakota developed!  This past school year, Keystone (now ACERI Partners) facilitated an Augmentative and Alternative Communication workgroup in South Dakota.  The members of that workgroup developed and conducted four webinars that focused on communication systems for students who …

UDL Is the Key to Inclusive Education

Dr. Debbie Taub’s latest contribution to the Think Inclusive blog points out why Universal Design for Learning is a critical component in making inclusive education a reality for students with extensive learning needs.